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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Consider Extending the Life of Your Appliances! 

The term "hard water" was originally coined to refer to water that was difficult or hard to work with. Hard water requires much more soap, shampoo or detergent than soft water, so your soap products don't stretch nearly as far. The effects of hard water are felt most often in daily household activities such as cleaning. The minerals present in hard water inhibit soap's lathering and cleaning capabilities.

According to a University's Water Heater-Energy Savings Study, the lifespan of appliances such as water heaters, washing machines and dishwashers can be reduced by as much as 30 percent when hard water is used in the home. Also, when hard water is heated, the minerals in the water can precipitate out and form scales in the bottom of the water heater. These scales may build up and result in increased water heating costs.

Another factor to consider is the high costs associated with repairing major appliances. How much would you be willing to pay to repair a 5-year-old washing machine? Due to the high cost of repairs, replacement is often the best option once hard water has wreaked havoc on an appliance. By using soft water you can add more than three years to the longevity of most of your appliances (approx) -- and save yourself the expense of replacing them much sooner than you expected.

The first step in solving hard water problems is determining the hardness of your water. One simple way to find out is to give us a call and we will come to your home to see the hardness of your water by doing a simple test.

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