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                                                                                What is a Carbon Filter?

Chloramine, which consists of a mixture of chlorine and ammonia, is added to the water of many cities as a substitute for free chlorine. It is often referred to in the plural, as “chloramines,” because it can take on a number of forms according to the pH and mineral content of the water.

The whole reduction discussion for chloramines can become quite complex, but the main thing you need to know is that chloramine is removed from water with essentially the same strategies that are used to remove chlorine. This means that carbon filtration is the best removal method, and, contrary to urban legends, filter carbon does indeed remove chloramine. The problem is that it takes more carbon and more contact time to do the job. In practical terms this means that if your city disinfects your tap water with chloramines you’ll need to get a larger and better carbon filter than you would need if chlorine alone were used.

In choosing carbon for chloramine removal,  a specially prepared carbon called “catalytic” carbon is far superior to regular carbon.

Catalytic carbon is a specifically processed grade of filter carbon that is designed especially for, among other things, exceptional chloramine removal. On our site, the brand name for catalytic carbon is Centaur.

One of the best ways to remove Chlorine from our water for showering and drinking is using a  Centaur Carbon filter . CENTAUR® is a liquid phase virgin activated carbon that has been manufactured to develop catalytic functionality. The product is unique in that it concentrates reactants via adsorption and then promotes their reaction on the surface of the pores. CENTAUR is produced from bituminous coal using a patented process. Although it is not impregnated with metals or alkali, it displays the catalytic function of these materials. In most cases, it can be reactivated and does not present the disposal concerns associated with impregnated carbon, so not only is it good providing safe drinking water it also is environmentally friendly. 

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