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Chlorinated Drinking Water:
Good or Bad?

How harmful is it to consume chlorine and chlorine disinfection by-products in our water? Proponents of chlorine claim there is no danger. But not all the information has been disclosed to the general public...

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Our skin is our body’s number one defense against germs or getting sick. It is a protective layer that keeps us healthy and protects our organs. There are so many factors that affect the health and condition of our skin.

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Wonder how hard your water actually is? 
Here are some recorded stats...
Kitchener is an average of 40 Grains
Elmira is an average of 29 Grains
Tavistock is an average of 30.4 grains

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Introducing a system to make your home’s water clearly better.

Unconditioned water makes home life hard to love

From soap scum and scaly skin to low water pressure and costly appliance breakdowns, a homeowner pays dearly for filling their plumbing system with untreated water from a well or municipal water system. Fortunately the solution is easy. Add a home water treatment system equipped with one of our H20 Softeners systems, and installed by H20 Softeners professionals.

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